Page Not Found, or Doesn't Exist, or Decamped on a Greyhound Bus Headed for the Border, or Collapsed Under Its Own Weight, or Spontaneously Combusted, or Didn't Wait an Hour After Eating to Swim in the Pool, or Is on a Soul-Searching Cross-Country Cycling Trip, or Is Stuck in Traffic on the West-Side Highway, or Literally Can't Even, or Flew Through the Bermuda Triangle, or Called in With the Flu, or Stared Directly At The Sun, or Disappeared Under Mysterious Circumstances in Papua New Guinea, or Is Currently Indisposed, or Has Been Incapacitated in a Freak Selfie-Stick Accident, or Made a Run For It, or is Having Some Me Time, or Drank Some Sour Milk and It Really Threw Off Its Day, or Is On a Vision Quest in the Peruvian Amazon, or Flew the Coop, or Swam in the Gowanus Canal, or Accidentally Stepped Into a Time-Warp to a Time Before Digital, or Dropped Out to Pursue Its Dream of Joining the Royal Danish Ballet, or Abandoned Ship, or Skedaddled, or Snuck Off Into the Night, or Drank Pepsi and Ate Mentos at the Same Time, or Is Attending a Digital Detox Camp, or Is On the Lam, or Migrated South For the Season, or Has Vanished Without Leaving a Note, or Has Been Sucked Into a Black Hole, or Just Can't Face the World Right Now.