Meet Stake

Stake is a value-oriented, digitally-focused innovation consultancy. It is Stake’s mission to help companies deconstruct their business dilemmas through a digital lens prior to the selection of an agency. Stake will be a neutral party offering companies peace of mind that their investment into digital transformation will both solve for their business challenges, and support enduring, scalable growth.


What's at Stake?

We sit on a remarkable fracture in the history of business. This fracture is the division between the pre-digital and post-digital eras. While Stake empathizes with the business establishment forged in the pre-digital era, we believe that these businesses have entered a critical juncture—a period in which they must “adapt or die.”

Why? It has become apparent to individuals and competitors alike that the gulf between the pre-digital “battleships” and their audiences is widening rapidly. Simultaneously, yesterday’s upstarts are poised to become the business establishment of tomorrow. These nimble, digitally-native innovators are finding new ways to draw closer to the full demographic spectrum.

Across this spectrum, consumers are characterized by digital fluency and an expectation of instant gratification. They have been conditioned to expect localization, customization, and personalization across all brand interactions.

Where Stake differs from pure disruption advocates is in our belief that the failure of pre-digital businesses is not inevitable, and that the success of post-digital upstarts is not guaranteed.

For either to succeed, they must pursue a deliberate evolution and harmonization of all technical, organizational, and physical resources in order to more effectively build brands, target and delineate customer bases, and maximize potential with unmediated, instantaneous access to services, goods, and support.

We're here to guide you when it's time to put a stake in the ground.